[Dragon Fruit Tea]_Fresh Fruit Tea_How to Make

Dragon fruit fruit tea is also a more common kind of fruit tea. Its simple method has a good conditioning effect on the body. In some ways, it has a certain effect in preventing constipation and improving immunity. In addition, its taste is alsoVery good, with a touch of tea, sweet and sour at the same time, it also plays a role in avoiding indigestion, and also has a certain beauty and beauty effect for women.

Dragon Fruit Fruit Tea Red Heart Dragon Fruit Half, 2 Lemons, 2 Small Citrus Fruits, 1 Pack of Black Tea, Rock Sugar or Honey Moderate; Lemons and Small Citrus Fruits Washed with Flour, Soak for a while, Lemon Slices, Take 2 slices; SmallCut the oranges in half; cut the red heart pitaya into small pieces or slices, wash the black tea and boil it, cool the temperature and put the fruit; after it is completely cooled, add the rock sugar or honey, and add some ice cubes.

It has a faint tea fragrance, as well as the sweet and sour taste of fruits. It is very delicious, and it is rich in vitamins and trace elements.

Passion Fruit Lemon Tea 2 Passion Fruits, 1 Lemon, Moderate Honey; Wash Passion Fruit Clean, Cross in the Middle, Use a Spoon to Cut Out the Flesh and Put Into a Bottle; Wash the Skin with Salt, Cut into Slices, Take 3, 4The shape of the slice, the remaining lemons are wrapped with fresh-keeping film and stored in the refrigerator; lemon slices are put into bottles, added with honey, accompanied by, covered and sealed, and refrigerated; if you feel very strong, you can add an appropriate amount of water to flushIt ‘s sour and sweet, and it is rich in vitamin C, which can whiten, lighten, and fight aging.

1 lime oolong tea peach, 1 lime or lemon, oolong tea flour, honey amount; rub peach and lime with salt, soak in salt water for a while, and rinse with water several times; peachPeel and cut into small cubes; slice the lime, take 3 slices, and save the rest; oolong tea is soaked in boiling water for a while, let cool for a while, add peaches and lemon slices, follow your ownAdd honey and ice to taste.

Girls with a mild taste can try this fruit tea. It can also add vitamins while clearing the heat and going to the summer.