[Some hormones have no impurities]_Eating_Cautions

As the saying goes, the medicine is three-fold poisonous. Whether or not there is no alternative medicine, try not to take it orally. Hormones are extremely toxic. If you take hormones often, you will have skin colorMacularity, dark yellow, and cardiovascular dilatation. If taken in large amounts for a long time, it can cause diabetes, hypertension, and kidney damage. Especially children, pregnant women and the elderly should not take hormone drugs.

Problem 1: There are many alternatives for hormonal topical medications: skin damage: 1, dark spots on the skin, 2, wrinkles on the skin, 3, rosacea dermatitis, 4, acne-like dermatitis, 5, breakage of the elastic fibers under the skin, causing skin relaxation, 6Severe dilation of capillaries (“red blood”), 7, diffuse expansion of small blood vessels, especially when the skin becomes red, itchy, and swollen after irritation such as cold and heat, More prone to allergies), 9, premature skin aging; 10, enlarged skin pores, 11, abnormally increased skin, thickened “sweat”, 12, hormone-derived dermatitisSpecies) and more than 100 kinds of impurities.

Internal damage: long-term large amount of topical hormones or percutaneous absorption into the blood circulation, causing diabetes, high blood pressure, osteoporosis, aseptic osteonecrosis, obesity, hairy, acne, sodium retention, edema, decreased blood potassium, menstrual tensionDisorders, stomach and duodenal ulcers and other complications.

Oral or injectable hormone plasma: supplementation or short-term high-dose injections or oral administration of hormones can cause some damage to the kidney itself, such as aggravating glomerular disease proteinuria, aggravating glomerular sclerosis, prone to renal calcification or kidney stonesInducing or aggravating kidney infectious diseases, causing hypokalemia and polycystic kidney disease.

Shortening the intake of hormones will cause a series of metabolic disorders and temperature regulation disorders of the body’s sugar, protein, traces, water and electrolytes, etc., will damage the body’s defense system and suppress the immune response ability, and severely inhibit the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenalAxis, therefore, can cause a series of more serious complications and complications, some of which can directly threaten the life of the patient.

Hormonal contraindications: skin, chest, abdominal groin, armpits, perineum, etc.

Among them, the skin of the face and perineum is the thinnest part of the human body, with abundant blood circulation. There are many target organs of hormones, which are greatly damaged by hormones and have many substitutions.

And the groin, armpits, breasts and other parts of sweating, tip, topical hormone preparations are easy to absorb, prone to skin atrophy.

Hormonal contraindications: children, elderly, pregnant women.

1. Children’s skin has a thin stratum corneum, imperfect skin development, and a small barrier effect. The medicinal solution can be easily absorbed by the skin and enter the blood circulation.

Thus affecting the growth and development of infants and young children, causing irreversible harm.

Dermatologists have pointed out that infants and young children can be harmed by hormones more than three times as much as adults.

2. Sebaceous gland secretion is reduced in elderly people, and skin is atrophied and dry.

With the use of hormones, the skin that has been slowly metabolized gradually becomes thinner and drier, aggravating the condition.

3. Females can induce a variety of skin diseases during pregnancy, especially pruritus. Pregnant women using hormones can be absorbed into the mother’s blood circulation through the skin, causing harm, resulting in extremely sensitive skin after birth and reduced body resistance.Infection, child fatness, poorer intelligence and development than children of the same age