[Can bronchitis eat watermelon]_ watermelon _ old slow branch _ can you eat

Watermelon is a food that many people like to eat, but not everyone is suitable to eat watermelon, especially patients with diseases must be careful when eating watermelon. Some people want to know whether bronchitis disease can eat watermelon. Experts say that at this timecautious.

First, bronchitis can eat watermelon, bronchitis treatment principles: 1.

Take appropriate rest and drink plenty of water.


Symptomatic treatment.


Control infection.

Medication principles: 1.

In general, antibiotics can be administered orally or intramuscularly. In severe cases, antibiotics can be given intravenously, and antibiotics can be used in combination.


For those with asthma, add anti-allergic and anti-asthmatic agents such as anti-allergic and bronchodilator drugs.


Those with comorbidities replace the corresponding drugs according to different comorbidities.


Patients with severe diabetes or malnutrition who have poor physical resistance can use gamma globulin to enhance their physical resistance.

Second, watermelon is cold food, even if a person with a strong physique is likely to hurt the spleen and stomach if they eat too much at one time, women’s menstrual periods, dysmenorrhea and chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other respiratory diseases should not eatIce watermelon.

And watermelons are best bought and eaten immediately. If the watermelons bought back have a high temperature and need to be cold-processed, you can put them in the refrigerator to cool down and adjust the temperature to 15 ° C for no more than two hours.Without hurting the spleen and stomach.

Third, bronchitis can eat watermelon Suggestions: Acute bronchitis is caused by bacteria, viruses or biological, physical, chemical stimulation or allergies and other factors caused by acute trachea-bronchial mucosal inflammation.

Most of them are circulated and have no tendency of epidemic.

Causes tracheal, bronchial mucosal congestion and edema, lymphocytes and neutrophil infiltration; clinical symptoms are mainly cough and sputum, fever or dyspnea, etc. Watermelon has the effect of nourishing lungs and cough, and can be supplemented with vitamins for the treatment of bronchitisThere are four advantages. You can eat watermelon. The principle of the treatment of tracheitis is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and asthma, cough, and symptomatic treatment.

Drugs can take levofloxacin, mucotan, Kekemin, licorice tablets can be combined.