[Can I eat barbecue with Chinese medicine]_BBQ_Can I eat

People now should pay special attention to their health.

Because people have realized that no matter what, a good body is useless.

Therefore, some people choose to use traditional Chinese medicine to condition their bodies, but during taking traditional Chinese medicine, many things cannot be eaten.

Because you will worry about adverse reactions with the drug.

So can I eat barbecue with Chinese medicine?

Drinking traditional Chinese medicine is generally a lighter attempt, and grilling is not suitable. Pay attention.

If you must eat, it is best to take medicine after 2 hours.

Do you need to drink Chinese medicine while it’s hot? Traditional Chinese medicine theory is very particular about the temperature of oral decoction. There are more than ten kinds of light-serving methods, and there are some specific to the temperature of the medicine: warm clothes, hot clothes and cold clothes.

Ordinary Chinese medicine decoction should be “warm”, that is, the medicine soup should be filtered out immediately after boiling, and air-dried to 30 ℃ at normal temperature?
Drink at 37 ° C. Pills and powdered proprietary Chinese medicines should be taken with warm water, which is also a kind of warm clothing.

Chinese medicine that emits wind and cold should be “hot”, and you can eat hot porridge and hot water after taking it to help the medicine.

The detoxification and heat-clearing medicines, especially the traditional Chinese medicines for summer heat relieving, have a better effect of “cold serving”.

In the south and south, some “herbal teas” often taken in summer are actually a type of Chinese medicine.

As the name implies, many herbal teas are cooled to drink.

As for taking Chinese medicine, there is an old saying in Chinese medicine called “yang disease hot clothes, yin disease cool clothes”.

Therefore, cold clothes and hot clothes should be specifically analyzed according to the situation. The medicine for treating fever can be cold clothes, while the cold syndrome should be hot clothes.

Patients can know the temperature of taking the medicine according to their own conditions.

In general, patients with “yang disease” mostly show fever syndrome, which can be manifested as fever, thirst, dry stools, short yellow urine, red tongue, yellow tongue coating, and fast pulse, etc .: “Yin disease” is more common.For the cold syndrome, there is chills and fever, no sweat, cold pain in the abdomen, coldness in the limbs, pale tongue, and thin white fur.

Finally, in the traditional Chinese medicine formula, there is a little trick. In general, most hot clothes called “tang” (such as “guizhi soup”, etc.), and most called “drink” (such as Dayuan drink) need to be cooled.clothes.
This makes some sense, because the ancient Chinese soup and drink are different by temperature, but for the sake of caution, the patient is best to ask the Chinese physician about the specific method after the medicine is prescribed to prevent deviations.