[The practice of club sandwiches]_The common practice of club sandwiches_The practice of club sandwiches_How to make club sandwiches

As soon as it’s time to eat, I hold the menu in a daze, eat fast food every day, I want to eat a regular meal, but often interrupted, the action is not online, the practice of club sandwiches is extremely simple, it is an extremely easy to learn alternative, without half an hourIn time, the food is presented to you.

1. Take three slices of bread and bake them in the oven. Bake on both sides. 2. Fry the eggs fully, square ham, and bacon slightly. 3. Let the lettuce spread two slices of tomatoes. 4. Toast the toast evenly with salad dressing.5. Put the fried egg ham and bacon on the lettuce and tomato 6, layer the layers, insert bamboo sticks, remove the surrounding corners, cut diagonally into triangles 7, open as much as you can.Introducing the method of not sharply making club sandwiches is very easy to master. Even you who are just learning to cook can make it well. As for the taste of the dish, it is not important.