Warburg CSI Leading ETF will be officially listed on August 16

Sina Finance News On August 13, the first domestic ETF fund to track the CSI Technology Leading Index announced yesterday that it would be officially listed on August 16.

The fund announcement shows that on August 16, the first domestic technology ETF—Huabao CSI Leading Technology ETF, the fund ‘s abbreviation “Technology ETF”, code 515000, will be listed and traded on the Shanghai Stock Exchange. At that time, investors will be able to trade likeJust like stocks, you can easily trade technology ETFs directly in the secondary market.

  The China Securities Technology Leader Index tracked by the Huabao Technology ETF is composed of 50 leading companies in Shanghai, Shenzhen and Shenzhen in the fields of electronics, computers, communications, and biotechnology, with a large market share and strong growth capabilities.The company’s stock composition is a “full technology” index in the true sense. The 深圳spa会所 stocks in the science and technology board that meet the requirements of the index compilation also have the opportunity to replace these 50 leading companies.

Among the top ten weighted stocks in the index, there are both the Chinese innovative drug leader “Hengrui Pharmaceutical” and the global security leader “Hikvision”, as well as the pure artificial intelligence first stock “HKUST News”, Consumer electronics leader “Luxun Precision” and a series of highly competitive A-share technology leading enterprise professionals analyze that compared to direct investment in technology stocks, through technology theme funds such as Huabao Technology ETF, indirectly enjoy technology stocksThe promotion bonus is obviously more suitable for ordinary investors.

From a long-term perspective, technological innovation companies are undoubtedly the most valuable assets in the future.