[Master 1 way to live a long-lasting couple life]

When it comes to “helping”, many people think of specific medicines and foods first.

However, some factors other than drugs and food have an immediate effect on improving the lives of couples.

Here are 5 alternative “aphrodisiacs” summarized by sex experts.

1. Hair Removal Cream Biscuits Hair Removal Cream, as the name suggests, uses beeswax to remove hair from hidden areas, in order to prevent the appearance of indecent “weeds” when wearing sexy and attractive bikinis.

After hair removal, the skin is super smooth, making women’s private parts more sensitive to touch.

Even while walking, the friction of pants became part of the foreplay of sex.

If you have no hair removal cream or can’t stand the pain of hair removal, then using a shaver with a shaving cream to clean the private parts has the same effect.