[Can confinement eat scallions]_Breastfeeding_Impact

Welsh onion is a relatively common vegetable. It is often used as an ingredient in normal times, and some people use it to season vegetables. However, welsh is a spicy and stimulating vegetable. It is not recommended to eat more. The diet during confinementIt is very important. Once it is possible to eat, it is not conducive to the health of women, and it may also affect the baby’s health. Can the green onions in the confinement be eaten?

Can confinement eat onions?

Confinement can eat green onions.

Shallot is a vegetable, often used in various selective flavoring, has a certain spicy taste, can be degreased.

Maternal confinement consumption can improve appetite, increase appetite, prevent colds and colds, etc., and does not return to milk, therefore, maternal confinement can eat onions.

However, after all, the spring onion is a bit spicy, and it is better for the mother to eat less confinement. It is best for the mother who is very weak to not eat.

Precautions for eating onions during confinement 1. Maternity should not eat more onions. Onions are spicy and stimulating foods, and eating more is not good for maternal health.

Moreover, eating too much onion itself is bad for vision, and women with poor vision should eat less.

2. The spring onions cannot be eaten with honey. The ancients said that “honey onions” will cause bad chemical reactions when they are eaten with honey, which will produce harmful substances to the human body, which may easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort and diarrhea.

3. Onions should not be eaten with dog meat and rooster meat.

Onion is warm and spicy, and the same temperature of dog meat, rooster meat is easy to get angry.

4. When eating Chinese onions, pay special attention to taking Chinese medicine. You must first see whether the medicinal properties of Chinese herbs are incompatible with onions. Liuli Dihuang Wan cannot be eaten with onions. If you eat them at the same time, it will replace the medical properties.

5. Scallions should not be eaten with foods with high calcium content.

Because onion contains oxalic acid, it is easy to form calcium oxalate when eaten with calcium, which hinders the body’s transfer of calcium.

How to choose good quality onion 1, the straight and non-bent straight green onion will have a little more onion white, which is more practical.

2. For those who are not tight, just pinch them carefully. If you feel that they are compact green onions and have moisture, then they are good green onions. If they are loose and the skins are folded, it means that the green onions are already there.It’s not fresh anymore.

How to save the spring onion 1, plant the purchased shallots and pour some water. If the seeds are alive, they can be kept until the shallots wither.

2. Put the purchased shallots on the wet hay or cloth, or directly in the water basin.

3. Peel the onions and roots, clean them, and drain the water. Note that they must be drained, and then cut the onions into a clean plastic bag, sealed, and placed in the refrigerator freezer.The temperature is about 4-7 degrees, and it can be stored for one week.