]_Children cough_Can you eat

[Can a child cough eat watermelon?
]_Children cough_Can you eat

Children’s health is relatively weak and their resistance is much lower than adults. Therefore, children often have symptoms like this in their lives. Sometimes they often have a high fever, especially prone to cold and cough. In fact, there are many types of cough in children.In addition to cold and cough, there are many lung and respiratory diseases that can cause cough, so can children eat watermelon when they cough?

Can a child cough eat watermelon?
Children who cough can eat watermelon.

It depends on whether the child has a cold or a cold. There are differences between these two types of colds. Traditional Chinese medicine is usually divided into two types: cold and cold.

The cold and cold often manifests as fever and cold, headache, pain in the whole body, nasal congestion, and runny nose, cough and sputum are white sticky sputum, and the moss is thin and white; people with cold and cold are not afraid of cold, headache, sore throat, and cough and sputum are yellow and purulentSputum and yellowish tongue coating.

If the child has a cold and wind, then you can eat watermelon. If it is a cold and cold, it is recommended not to let TA eat watermelon, because watermelon is cold, you can make some ginger tea for children, the effect is good.

Watermelon contains a lot of nutrients. Many people like to eat watermelon. Eating watermelon properly in summer has a certain effect of relieving summer heat. Children can also eat watermelon when they are young. It is good for relieving cough, phlegm, and promoting throat area.Health care has a good conditioning effect. If a child has a cold and cough, you can also eat less watermelon without adverse effects, but do not eat too much at one time, it may cause cough and appearThe phenomenon of white sputum.

If children have symptoms of cold and cough, they should be relieved by food therapy in a timely manner. Usually, they should eat more seasonal vegetables and fruits, and eat some watermelons properly, which will not have adverse effects. Drink warm water.Effectively promote detoxification of the body.

If some children have a cold and cough, the method of diet is different due to the severity of the disease. Patients with mild symptoms can eat watermelon, but if severe cold or coldWith the symptoms of a high fever, it is best not to eat watermelon again.

Watermelons are rich in nutrients and rich in vitamin C. Patients with mild colds eat less watermelons, which can effectively promote detoxification of the body and effectively promote physical recovery.It is best not to eat watermelon.

Note: Cold is a very common phenomenon, the severity of the symptoms is different, so the conditioning of the diet is different, it is possible to eat some watermelon properly, will not produce that kind, usually eat more seasonalvegetables and fruits.