[How to make loofah sliding sheet soup]_Home-made practice of loofah sliding sheet soup_How to make loofah sliding sheet soup_How to make loofah sliding sheet soup

The taste of the same dish made by different people is definitely different. In addition to the differences in human body, it is actually a difference in practice, and everyone wants to eat delicious dishes.

So, let me introduce the specific methods of loofah sliding tablet soup.


After peeling and washing the loofah, cut the hob block, cut the meat into thin slices with starch, and grab a small spoon of salt to taste evenly.

Set the pan on a fire and simmer in the oil until it is 60% hot. Add sprouts (if there is no sprouts, use mustard instead) to fry the aroma 3.

Add about a pound of soup or water and pour into loofah pieces after boiling.

Put an appropriate amount of salt and a tablespoon of oil (if you cook it in soup, it will not be put in oil anymore, lard is very fragrant, but it is not good for your health) 4.

Cover and cook until the loofah is soft and cooked. Spread the meat on the noodle soup.

Be careful not to stir, otherwise the starch from the meat slices will be stirred into the soup, and the soup will become very thick and unsightly5.

After the meat powder on the meat pieces has solidified, sink the meat pieces to the bottom of the soup, cook for about half a minute, stir well and serve, serve, and start eating today’s introduction of loofah slipper soup. I’m glad to share with you.Also try it, it will definitely make you gain something.