[What food breakdown aunt]_Recommended diet

In the summer, many sisters are distressed, and how to raise a cricket in the winter to reduce in these months.

In summer, I want a beautiful figure, not envy.

In fact, in addition to exercise to lose weight, you can also use some food to accelerate weight loss work.

Today, Xiaobian thinks that talking about food can break down my aunt, so that we can easily lose weight without being hungry.

1. Apple. Although apples are common, don’t forget that they have very high nutritional value.

Apple has the ability to improve gastrointestinal function, accelerate gastrointestinal motility, and can eliminate exhaust gas from the body.

Malic acid in apples can accelerate metabolism and break down adults, which is very effective for girls with lower body obesity.

2. Papaya, papaya is a kind of food with low trace. The papaya contained in it can break down traces, accelerate metabolism, promote gastrointestinal motility, and is a good product for weight loss.

3. Celery is a vegetable that does not contain trace amounts and contains a large amount of crude fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and prevent the accumulation of feces in the body.

Trigonelline inside can inhibit the production of adults.

4. Coix seed has the function of lowering blood lipids and blood sugar, can accelerate metabolism, transform low, crude fiber impurities inside, can improve constipation, detoxification effect.

5. Red dates are rich in protein and various trace elements, which can promote gastrointestinal movement and help the absorption of nutrients. The most important point is that it can lower cholesterol and thereby break down bad effects.

Girls who want to show their good figure in summer, these foods can all be eaten.

Not only can you meet the delicious requirements, but you can also lose weight, killing two birds with one stone.