[Can the flower be opened after eating?]_Opened_ Impact

Dead flower nails cannot be eaten, because dead flower nails have grown a large number of bacteria. If you accidentally eat dead flower nails, you will easily infect the stomach and intestines, which will cause gastroenteritis.

When buying a flower armor, you must determine whether the flower armor is dead.

And after buying the flower nails, you need to blanch the flower nails with boiling water to see if the flower nails are fresh.

If I find that the spaghetti I bought is already open, can I still eat it?

Is it not dead? There are two cases where the spade does not open: one is that when the spade stays in the water, the spatula does not open means that it is alive, and the one that is completely exposed to the flesh is dead; the other is inWhen cooking the flower shells at a high temperature, if all the flower shells are open, and only a few flower shells are kept closed and not open, it means that these flower shells are dead.

Can you eat the flower without opening? When cooking the flower, if the flower does not open, it means that the flower is dead and not fresh. At this time, you should discard the non-opening.

Because seafood is best eaten fresh, otherwise it is easy to diarrhea.

In addition, the shellfish itself has a relatively high content of bacteria, and the protein breaks down very quickly. Once dead, it will multiply germs and produce toxins. At the same time, the unsaturated fatty acids contained in them are also susceptible to oxidative rancidity.

Stale shellfish will produce potential amines and free radicals, posing a threat to human health.

How to choose live flower shells The live flower shells will imitate a bit of tongue in the still water, and the tongue that touches and touches the flower shell will retract automatically.

If the tongue that crystallizes in the still water is too long, and the shell is half-open, and even the body is part of the shell, it is usually dead, and when the tongue protruding from the flower is touched by hand,Nor will it retract.

Completely got two flower armors knocking on the shell with each other, the sound is more occupied, fresher, and those who have free sound are mostly dead.

You need to know that incomplete shells or broken shells are not dead, but they die quickly; the dead carapace will completely turn the shell, the carapace flesh will be exposed, and the color will turn white. This kind of carapace has been dead for a long time.The flower shell is dead in a closed shell, but gently, it will be opened without force, and it will smell more and more with the nose.

What to pay attention to when choosing flower nails 1, flower nails should be smooth, shiny, and relatively flat.

2. It is best to pick flower garnishes at fixed seafood stalls on people. Generally, flower garnishes are the freshest and most affordable. Try not to buy them from mobile vendors.

3, you should first choose the large, the shell is complete, tightly closed, because in the case of strong turning, if the flower shell does not open the shell, and tightly closed, to use some force to open, must be aliveof.
4. During the selection process, you can hold the grips one by one. Generally, the weight of each flower is about the same. If it is lighter than usual, it must be an empty shell.

If you are not sure, you can check it out. Even the closed shell can be easily opened.

5. You can also float the spade in the water, sieve it with a basket and float it in the water. If there are empty or muddy shells, it will bubble and float up.