[Friction techniques that can make her more orgasm during intercourse]

Even if it’s sex, it’s not just about getting in and out, it’s better to have change.

In particular, it is repeatedly entered at a slow speed and with a low degree of integration. It connects women in the period of excitement with irritability. When women are anxious and look forward to stronger stimulation, they give deeper bonding.

1. Choose a posture suitable for sexual movements. During sexual intercourse, the pubic bones of both men and women are in contact with each other. The pubic bones of the man are tightly attached to the yin pedicle of the woman, and the movement of the yin stem is alternated to stimulate the yin pedicle.

In most cases, men do physical exercises.

The most commonly used position is the male superior position, and one or both sides can also take a seat.

A woman’s legs can take any posture, such as the thighs separated, bent upwards, backwards, and the thighs extended into the air approximately.

The principle is that the stimulation of the Yin stem should not be too difficult to stimulate the Yin pedicle, and the woman’s own body movement should be free.