[No leucorrhea after intercourse]_leucorrhea_pregnancy_effect_reason

Leucorrhea is not unfamiliar to female friends. It can be regarded as a close friend of another woman other than auntie. In many cases, he will reflect the health of women.

Too many women have paid attention to the question: Is it true that there is no leucorrhea after ovulation in the same room?

Here I will give you a brief introduction.

Leucorrhea is a viscous white or colorless fluid flowing from the vagina of a female mammal. It is replaced by the vestibular glands, cervical glands, endometrial secretions and vaginal mucosal exudates.Made of mixed vaginal epithelial cells.

The leucorrhea contains lactobacilli, lysozyme and antibodies, so it can inhibit the growth of bacteria.

During sexual intercourse, leucorrhea will increase, it has a lubricating effect on the vagina, and you can have sex.

Generally, the leucorrhea increases in the middle menstrual period, and it is thin and transparent. After ovulation, the leucorrhea becomes thick, turbid and small.

Increased premenstrual and leucorrhea during pregnancy.

Generally, the secretion of estrogen reaches its peak in the middle of menstruation (equivalent to ovulation). Too much estrogen stimulates the cervical glands to secrete more mucus. Therefore, the amount of leucorrhea is large and transparent, like egg white.It is sticky and can be pulled into filaments, and the vulva has a moist feel.

After ovulation of follicles, progesterone increases and inhibits cervical mucus secretion. At this time, the amount of leucorrhea is small and thick.

So is it possible to get pregnant without leucorrhea after ovulation in the same room?

To understand this problem, it is a long time to figure out what kind of process during pregnancy. Pregnancy is a complex physiological process, not to mention that there is no drawing of leucorrhea after ovulation. If you want to become pregnant, you must meet the following conditions: 1.

The endometrium is fully prepared for fertilized egg implantation.

If any of these neighbors is abnormal, it can interfere with conception.

Even if there are stringy leucorrhea, if fertility-free crystals are checked, they cannot be conceived.


Eggs and sperm can meet within the fallopian tubes and combine to become fertilized eggs3.

The ovary expels normal eggs4.

The fertilized eggs are successfully delivered into the uterine cavity.

Therefore, the increase in secretion during ovulation is due to the strong secretion of estrogen. If there is no stringy leucorrhea after ovulation, it indicates that the endocrine is abnormal. This condition has a great impact on pregnancy, it will affect the sperm ascending and egg combination, and eventually cause infertility.
The above are some answers to the question of whether you will be pregnant without leucorrhea in the same room during ovulation. If there are other conditions, we recommend that you go to the hospital for a professional consultation and check to determine your own real situation. Don’t blindly judgeAnd do n’t take medicine casually. Finally, I wish everyone good health.