[Some men go to bed and undress now]

What is your style of undressing?

Perhaps adults understand this feeling. The hazy and ambiguous foreplay is often more dramatic than the real fantasy scene and space when entering the scene, especially when the three women are in a scene.It ‘s interesting. How do men undress at that time in life? Perhaps most people ca n’t calmly observe. How do women undress? Is it tops or pants, socks or underwear?

When you are excited, who still thinks about it, you can only recall it when you are aftertastes. It is a joy.

First, perfectionist, he will be very serious and happy to cooperate with you to complete the foreplay process, each action is just right, or gentle or wild, he will first untie the outer clothes for you, accompanied by himHe is also relieved to open his top, and then help you to unbutton the back of the underwear, including the thin socks, kissing your fragrant feet until the last bit of cover, he againWill use teasing and stimulating language to let you help him unlock his last line of defense until the panties completely fall to the ground and present in front of you with joy . There is me in you, there is you in me, to achieve perfectionrealm.

Such a man is first and foremost a person who understands and enjoys life. He is romantic and tender. He knows women carefully. He is a gentleman and skilled. He will not embarrass you and will not leave you alone. Women are with such men.Together, each other is in the process of delivery. It is enjoyment rather than mechanical movement. It is a physical blend.