[Can you drink red bean porridge after abortion]_After abortion_Impact

Common abortions in the market are mainly medical abortion and cesarean abortion. However, for women who have an abortion idea, no matter which abortion method they choose, there are certain injuries and complications to women’s bodies.The nursing phase is very important.

Too many women have questions. Can they drink red bean porridge after abortion?

In fact, red beans and barley are both cold foods, which are not suitable for women who are physically weak.

1 stream capacity can not eat red beans after abortion can drink some red bean soup in moderation.

Red beans contain a variety of vitamins and trace elements, especially iron, vitamin B12, which has the function of nourishing blood and promoting blood circulation.

It is no problem to drink properly after the flow of people.

With honey or red dates, Ejiao and other foods, it helps to regulate qi and blood, improve physical fitness, and promote recovery.

And red beans have the effect of refreshing the heart, strengthening the spleen and kidney, adding lotus seeds, lilies to reinvigorate and strengthen qi, hemostasis, and strengthen bones and bones., Pale face, etc., often drink hot red bean soup with brown sugar, but also tonicate and improve the symptoms of anemia.

2 Red bean blood supplement method Red bean barley soup method: 20 grams of raw barley kernels, 30 grams of red beans washed and soaked for about half a day, drained and set aside.

Add in boiled water until it is semi-soft, add red beans and cook, then add rock sugar, turn off after dissolving, and let cool after serving.

Efficacy: This soup will help to maintain beauty, can nourish Qi and nourish blood, and relieve swelling.

Adzuki beans can nourish qi and blood, improve swelling and swelling; Coix seed can strengthen spleen and water, clear heat and pus.

Red bean purple rice soup preparation method: Wash and soak each of red beans and purple rice, drain the soaked water and add fresh water to cook, then cook over low heat until cooked thoroughly, add blood to eat red beansModerate amount of honey.

Efficacy: Red beans have diuretic effect, improve edema, high content of complications, and can be used as daily food.

However, purple rice is not easy to digest, and it is not advisable to overeat at one time.