[Can the little crabs in the river eat]_Impact_Danger

Many parents feel that today’s children have less and less access to nature, and their childhood is not as happy as their own childhood, so they will take their children to play in the wild during holidays and let their children release their nature.

Some parents will take their children to the small river to play in the right season. It is better if they can catch fish or catch some seafood. Can they eat the small crabs in the river?

First, can wild crabs be eaten?

Most crabs are edible, but they are rarely poisonous, but there are exceptions. General land crabs are poisonous. In fact, the simple way to identify whether they are poisonous is to look at them. Animals or plants are dressed to warn those animals who want to eat themselves.It ‘s very charming. Most crabs are edible in shallow water. But I still ask you to call some kind of son caught there. The wild crabs mainly eat some planktonic flora and fauna, which is omnivorous.Animals feed on aquatic plants, benthic animals, organic debris and animal carcasses.

When eating, catch by chewing feet, and then bring the food to the mouth.

Small fish and shrimp are their favorite, but some crabs eat seaweeds, even animal carcasses or plants.

Crab flowers spend most of their time looking for food. They are not picky, as long as they can get food.

Second, how to prepare wild crabs (1) Steamed crabs The most nutritious way to eat crabs is steaming. Steaming will not let the crabs lose a lot of nutrients, and it can also ensure the taste is delicious.

To avoid crab limb displacement, steaming is the best practice.

Before steaming crabs, pay attention to brushing the crabs to avoid residual sediment. After bundling, put them in a steamer, sprinkle with an appropriate amount of ginger vinegar juice and rice wine, use medium to high heat for cooking.

(2) Wash the crab with curry, cut it into cubes after processing.

The celery selects the leaves, cuts them obliquely, and cuts them for later use.

Shred the onion and set aside.

Lift the oil pan, dip the crab pieces into flour, put in the pan, and cook until the appearance is golden brown, then remove and set aside.

Heat the pan, add oil, stir-fry red pepper, red shallot, and onion, add curry powder, and fry brown sugar until the curry flavor is released. Pour fried crab pieces, parsley, and onion.And fish sauce, soy sauce and coconut milk, stir fry and serve with sprinkled coriander.