[How to eat chicken oil]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Everyone has eaten the muscles, it is delicious, and the nutritional value is also very rich. Chicken is very nutritious to eat, but everyone who has eaten chicken knows that there is chicken oil in chicken, in fact, the nutritional value of chicken oil is alsoVery high, but chicken fat is not suitable for eating more, eating too much is not good for your health. Although chicken fat is delicious, but many people do not know how to eat.

How to eat chicken oil?

Ingredients for color vegetable stew with chicken rice: 1/4 chicken, one piece of chicken oil, green beans, corn, and rice.

Practice 1.

First wash the rice and drain the water.


Chicken with salt, cooking wine, ginger flakes, pepper, soy sauce, marinate for half an hour, wash the green beans and corn, simmer in the pot, and soak in cold water.


Boil the oil in the pan, put the chicken oil in the pan, and slowly simmer the chicken oil over a low fire.


Pour in the marinated chicken, stir fry over medium heat, and fry until the skin is crispy and yellow.


Remove the chicken, leave the chicken oil, and stir-fry the rice over medium heat. Fast, or the rice will stick to the bottom of the pot.


Pour in the chicken, continue to stir fry, and slowly see the rice grains turn white. Then pour in a bowl of boiling water, cover all ingredients, boil over high heat, and slowly simmer until completely cooked.

Chicken oil chicken fillet steamed with Bai Ling mushroom 300 grams of chicken, 150 grams of Bai Ling mushroom, 25 ml of chicken oil, concentrated chicken spoon, salt, raw flour, pepper, sesame oil, tangerine peel, ginger shredded, peanut oil each amount.

Practice 1.

Wash and remove the white mushrooms and cut into strips.


Wash and cut the chicken into strips, mix with salt, pepper, sesame oil, raw flour, concentrated chicken broth and peanut oil and set aside.


Place the cut white mushrooms on a dish, then put the chicken fillet, add the peel and ginger, drizzle the chicken oil, and steam in the steamer for 8 minutes until cooked.

What is the effect of chicken oil? Fresh chicken oil is different from vegetable oil, but has a strong flavor. Take out the chicken oil and boil it. When you fry vegetables or the bottom bar, add chicken oil. The taste is delicious and very delicious.

Some leather chicken shoes have very little chicken oil and cooking oil is very limited. This kind of leather shoes can be directly used as leather shoes, which can add a layer of oil protective film to the surface of leather shoes.

What if chicken fat is eaten too much? Chicken fat can be eaten but not eaten too much. After all, it belongs to the aunty of animals. Saturated fatty acids are not suitable for large intake. Excessive consumption can induce hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes and other chronic diseases.Can cause obesity.

Someone is not suitable for eating chicken oil1.

Patients with biliary tract diseases, cholecystitis and gallstones often author, and should be avoided.

Because the digestion of chicken feces requires the participation of bile, too much chicken oil will stimulate the contraction of the gallbladder and easily cause cholecystitis.


Those who are too acidic should not eat more.

Because chicken oil has the effect of stimulating gastric acid secretion, patients with gastric ulcer, hyperacidity or gastric bleeding should generally not eat more 3.

People with renal insufficiency should not eat more.

Because chicken oil contains some small molecular proteins, patients with acute nephritis, acute and chronic renal insufficiency, or uremia, because their liver and kidneys cannot process protein degradation products in time, eating more chicken oil will cause hyperaemia,Worse.