This company was caught by Wang Yawei. You may have used their paper.
This company was noticed by Wang Yawei, and also revealed the good news. You may have used their paper for the past week. The Shanghai index once again fell below 2900 points and closed at 2891.34 points, a new low in more than 2 months.In essence, the research enthusiasm of the institution has also declined.  According to statistics from the 21 Data News Lab, a total of 75 listed companies were surveyed by institutions from the week of November 11 to November 17, a decrease of 33 from the previous month.  Nearly half of the four major industries that the institution is concerned about show that among the 75 companies studied by the institution, 37 belong to the small and medium board, 22 belong to the GEM, 2 are science and technology board companies, and 14Home comes from the motherboard.Small and medium-sized entrepreneurship is still the main object of institutional research, with a total of nearly 82%.  From the perspective of industry distribution, the chemical industry was most favored by institutions in the past week. Twelve related companies were investigated, followed by the electronics, mechanical equipment, and computer industries. A total of eight companies 西安耍耍网 were found.48%.  Zhongshun Jierou is most favored by institutions. Five 10 billion private placements researched 9 companies specific to listed companies, Financial Street (000402).SZ), Yongtai Technology (002326.Shenzhen), Jerry shares (002353.SZ), Xinwei Communication (300136.SZ), Kerong Environment (Protection of Rights) (300152.SZ) were obtained in 2 studies.  In terms of the number of reception agencies, Zhongshun Jierou (002511).SZ) is the most popular among institutions, hosting a total of 45 institutions.  The third quarterly report shows that Zhongshun Jierou achieved revenue of 48 in the first three quarters of 2019.200,000 yuan, an annual increase of 18.11%; net profit attributable to mother 4.38 trillion US dollars, an annual increase of 39.96%.  Zhongshunjie’s soft performance has increased, and its gross profit margin has continued to increase month-on-month, attracting the attention of investors.The organization also conducts research on Zhongshun Jierou based on performance. The company stated that the reasons for the continued growth in the future are: (1) the company is in the channel development period, and channel dividends have gradually emerged in recent years; (2) the decline in product research and development capabilities,The product upgrade speed is fast, and it can meet the consumer demand; (3) the penetration rate of the product is still at a relatively rudimentary level, and improving the penetration rate is one of the important channels for the company to continue to maintain rapid growth in the future; (4)) The development of other categories, such as some sanitary napkins, are also reflected in higher gross profit margins.  Since the fourth quarter, prices of raw materials have continued to fall.From the perspective of the original improvement, the extra time just passed by the reduction cycle.In progress, Zhongshun Jierou said that the decline in raw material prices and the entry of small and medium-sized enterprises will not cause much impact on leading enterprises.On the contrary, it can be seen from relevant data that the industry concentration has been increasing in the past five years.  At the same time, Zhongshun Jierou also told investors the good news: after the company’s income and profit scale expands, the company will continue to increase the proportion of dividends and dividends, so that investors can enjoy the company’s development dividend.  In addition, Guao Technology (300551.SZ), Pollya (603605.SH) also hosted more than 40 institutions.Guao Technology is only one less than Zhongshun Jierou, but due to the termination of asset restructuring, it fell by nearly 12% this week.  The following is a list of stocks that have been researched by 10 or more institutions in the past week: from the perspective of specific research institutions, 10 billion well-known private placements, Dunhe Assets, thousands of joint ventures, Shibei Investment, Chongyang Investment, and Yuanlesheng Assets have investigated9 stocks.Among them, Dunhe Assets has been the most active and has studied 3 companies. Shibei Investment and Wang Yawei’s thousands of joint ventures have studied 2 companies.