The main funds yesterday net more than 50.5 billion in the technology sector is now significantly engaged

Original title: The main funds decreased by more than 50.5 billion yuan yesterday. Reporter Wu Yuhua of the newspaper yesterday saw a slump in the Shanghai and Shenzhen stock markets.

3.1 billion, Shenzhen City turnover was 6574.

8.4 billion.

The number of stocks that fell by the two cities yesterday was more than 2,400. According to wind data, the main funds yesterday decreased by 505.

6.2 billion yuan, compared with 231 net through the previous trading day.

2.7 billion is significantly enlarged.

Analysts said that the market is likely to enter the equilibrium shock interval, and the short-term up and down space is limited.

  Large deductions highlight institutional differences. The A-share market was heavily adjusted yesterday, and the three major indexes closed down.

Wind data shows that the main fund of the net swapped to 505 yesterday.

At 6.2 billion US dollars, 2,530 stocks experienced a net inflow of main funds, and 1,247 stocks experienced a net inflow of main funds.

  In terms of sectors, 127 appeared in the small and medium plates.

The net capital of US $ 7.8 billion decreased, and the GEM was 146.

The net capital of US $ 0.6 billion reached a net, and the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 showed 100.

Net funding of $ 3.7 billion in main funds decreased.

From the perspective of market performance, the GEM index fell by 1 yesterday.

45%, the net reduction of main funds can also be.

  Under yesterday’s adjustments, 21 of 28 industries in Shenwan’s level fell, and only 7 industries increased.

From the perspective of the changes in the main funds of the industry, wind data shows that the only industries that experienced a net inflow of main funds yesterday were non-bank financial, food and beverage, construction materials and leisure services. The main funds were net inflows.

7.7 billion, 3.

3.3 billion, 2.

3 billion and 0.

09 billion.

In the other 24 industries, the net capital of the main funds all appeared. Among them, the net net capital of the main industries of the electronics, medical and biological industries, and the computer industry were included in the ranking, and they were net substitutes for 102.

1.2 billion, 77.

1.3 billion, 70.

There are 11 industries with a net capital value of more than US $ 1 billion.

From the perspective of the increase in the industry, the electronics industry, which had the largest net capital surplus yesterday, fell by 0.

32%, again a significant decline, while the main funds decreased by more than 70.

The 06 trillion computer industry fell by 1.


  Analysts pointed out that while the main funds of most industries were net and net, yesterday’s net replacement of 505.

Net decrease of 6.2 billion won in the previous trading day (231.

2.7 billion).

Yesterday’s A-share turnover exceeded one trillion yuan, which also reflects institutional funding differences.

Southwest Securities said that the current market growth stems from two major catalysts: one is the overall easing of liquidity; the other is the relevant departments adopt various policies to actively assist enterprises to resume work.

In this situation, the market is still in an exciting period, and sector rotation will remain active.

  Excluding the electronics sector, the technology sector fell 0.

Outside 32%, the computer and communications industries all fell more than 1%.These three industries suffered a total of 198 main funds yesterday.

The net value of $ 1.9 billion accounted for nearly 40% of the main funds spent yesterday.

  From the perspective of the net inflow of the main funds of the stock, wind data shows that the top ten stocks of the main inflow of the main funds yesterday were Bojie, Guojin Securities, Wuliangye, Hikvision, Guizhou Maotai, Leo,Plastic Technology, Zhongtian 杭州桑拿网 Finance, Zhengbang Technology, Juhua Co., Ltd., the main capital with the largest net inflow of funds Bojie shares “harvest” net inflow7.

1.2 billion yuan, Juhua’s main capital inflows.

2.2 billion.

  Among the stocks whose main fund’s net value exceeds 300 million, most of the technology stocks.

The top ten stocks whose main funds are net more than the top ten are Ningde Times, Luoyang Molybdenum Industry, Beijing-Shanghai High Speed Rail, Ophego, Saturday, Tianqi Lithium, China Baoan, China Satcom, HKUST Xunfei, Aura New Network.

The Ningde era encountered major funding 8.

47 trillion clarity, Halo New Network also encountered.

Net worth of $ 4.2 billion.

  From the perspective of yesterday’s market, technology stocks are clearly differentiated.

Founder Securities (right protection) stated that it maintains the idea of active allocation and is optimistic about growth in style. The core logic of growth lies in the continuous upward trend of industrial development. Currently it is leading in 5G. Disturbances at the macro scale provide a good layout opportunity.