[Can I eat garlic when I’m on fire?]

We should correct our dietary symptoms such as getting angry. We ca n’t eat hot-fried food, and garlic is a spicy and hot food, and we ca n’t eat it, but garlic can be used to make sugar garlic, sugar garlic will notAffect the symptoms of getting angry.

When getting angry, we should drink more chrysanthemum tea and Luo Han Guo tea, etc. These are very good for reducing fire, and we need to pay attention to light diet.

Garlic is a spicy food. Under normal circumstances, eating a moderate amount of garlic will not cause anger, and it will have great benefits to the body.Eat a moderate amount of garlic, not too much at each meal, especially for patients with stomach problems, it is not appropriate to eat more garlic, you can eat some sweet garlic, sugar garlic soaked in white vinegar and white sugar can be spicy, not very spicyIt is also not easy to get angry due to heat.

There are many effects of garlic, and people should know more. Properly eating properly can help sterilize and reduce inflammation, and it also has the effects of detoxification, antisepsis and insecticide. It can destroy a variety of bacteria. Properly eating garlic every day can strengthen the body’s immunityStrength, prevent a variety of diseases, and raw garlic can also help fight cancer and prevent cancer, it is good for people’s health, so you can eat a small amount of raw garlic every day.

Although there are many effects of garlic, if you eat a large amount of garlic for a long time, it will also affect your health, especially if you have eye disease, or people who are physically weak and prone to eating often are bad for your body, and may cause blurred vision.Vision is significantly reduced, tinnitus, dry mouth, memory loss and other conditions may occur, so pay more attention in normal times, eat moderate amounts should not be too much, may also lead to fire and affect health.

Through the above, we know that eating too much garlic may cause a fire situation, especially people who have a strong fire who eat too much garlic are very bad for the body. In normal times, you can eat a moderate amount of sugar and garlic, which can reduce the occurrence of fire.Possibly, there are many effects of garlic. Eating properly can sterilize and reduce inflammation, but eating too much may affect health, so pay more attention to it in peacetime.