What production methods[pan fried steak with authoring tools]_ _

Steak is one of the main representative foods in Western food. Speaking of Western food, the first food that everyone thinks about is steak, which also smashes most of steak in Western food.

Because the method of making steak is relatively simple, and there are also semi-finished steaks sold in supermarkets, too many families choose to make steaks at home.

The process of making steak is mainly frying steak, so what shape of pan should I use to fry the steak?

First, the introduction of fried steak Fried steak is a simple dish to make, the main ingredient is steak, the main cooking process is fried.

Fried steak is a western food, usually served with red wine.

Simple steaks can also be cooked at home.

Some people have a good taste with spices and black pepper.

Second, what pan is used for frying steak? Use a thicker pan for frying steak. The non-stick pan is the best. Of course, the non-stick pan of cast iron is the best. You can buy it without the pattern. You can do it yourself at home.Don’t be so particular, it’s delicious.

The patterned pot is not practical.

The thick bottom of the pan is to ensure the temperature. The temperature determines that the moisture inside the steak will not be lost, and the taste will be better.

Third, what oil is used for fried steak. Personally, use olive oil if you have olive oil. Or use ordinary oil if you don’t have it.

Before the steak is cooked, it is necessary to put flour in it, so that the flavor will be more comprehensive and you will feel more fragrant.

I’m telling you a few tricks.

After the steak is panned, turn it over once every 30 seconds, turn it over twice and turn it over for 10 seconds, and then you can eat it again 4 times in 10 seconds. You can use a spatula to press the surface of the beef. It must be in a flexible state.Can’t move.

Do not eat immediately after the fried steak, put a wooden case about 1 minute, let the juice fuller.

Fourth, how do eat fried steak 1.

First, you want to get a little better steak, it is appropriate that Australia ancestral bull’s eye, there is an almost 8 inches is 224 grams.

Slightly thicker is better, if too thin, fried to outside Jiao Xiang, which had been cooked through.

PS also said the video steak at least 30 minutes in advance to thaw out, anyway, is to answer to room 2.

Fried steak pan must be very hot!

Preheat the pot with fire or fire for 5 minutes while the steak sprinkled salt, sprinkle how much salt there is no way to be quantitative, come with their own taste.

Sprinkle with black pepper and then go.

Zu should be used coarse salt, fine salt if you use, you can put a little less.

PS: A lot of people reflect that too salty, it is because the video is coarse salt, fine salt with a little less, then more thin steak a little less!




Then topped with olive oil, so the pot would not refueled.

Then turn it over, do it again just action.


Add salt, etc. Well, the oil plus well, you can pot up.

The pot must be heard “crackling” sound.


Fried steak very important point is not to rush the upside.

If you immediately turn it over, it will stick to the pan, and the color will be white, does not look good.

Almost every minute, turning once surface.


So you fried 5,6 minutes later, you can into a disk.
After the fried steak, do not immediately go cut a little stand 2-3 minutes, let the steak juice sucked back inside cells.

Finally, the steak will be cut out pink pink, but there will be blood juice is ideal for cooked 7 minutes.