[Bottom material for casserole noodles]_ making method _ how to make

The casserole noodle is a traditional dish that has been loved by the public. Especially in winter, the casserole noodles cooked in the casserole are steaming. Since it is a container made of casserole, it is slow to cool.It is warm, and some casserole and meat ingredients will be added to the casserole noodles, so that its nutrition and taste are more comprehensive. So for soup, it is also the key to determine the flavor of the casserole noodlesThe practice of bottoms.

Materials: 7 pounds of refined butter, 3 pounds of salad oil, 4 pairs of Shexian Douban, 3 pairs of white wine, 3 pairs of ginger, 4 pairs of garlic, 1 pair of peppercorns, special bean mother and child 2 spicy ingredients: 1, 1500G, 3500 g dried peppers, 50 g Shannai, 30 g anise, 20 g each of fragrant leaves, grass fruit, 25 g each of white cardamom and cumin, processed into fine powder.

Then grind together with 5 kg of Shexian bean paste, 200 g of tempeh, and 500 g of rock sugar, cook with 5 kg of butter, 3 kg of shallot oil, and add 2 kg of water for 1 hour, and finally add the cooked and ground peanutsRice and soybeans can be cooled by adding to the stainless steel square dish.

2, homemade soup method: Ingredients: 2 old chickens (about 3.

5 kg), 2 trotters, 1 pork elbow (weighing about 1.

5 kg), 1 kg of chicken feet, 5 kg of pig keel.

Production: Chop the trotters and add them to cold water for soaking with other ingredients.

Remove at 5 o’clock, add it to a soup pot filled with 15 pounds of boiling water, and cook on high heat for 3-4 hours (when the soup is halfway through, add boiling water for 8-10 seconds), then turn to medium heat.

Every 10 minutes, add 8-10 inches of boiling water to 45 inches.

Finally, leave it for 15 months and use it once.

Can be used for one day (this soup produces thick white soup for at least 75 months, and the cost is only 0 per serving.

3 yuan).

3, soy soup brine formula: 2 kg of water, 10 grams of oyster sauce, 30 grams of watercress sauce, 10 grams of hot girl, 5 grams of cumin powder, salt, 6 grams each of MSG, 4 grams of chicken essence, 20 grams of green onion, gingercan.
Braised chicken leg (or beef, pork, ribs) method: frozen chicken thigh (or beef, pork, ribs) is thawed, chopped with bones into 2 cm square pieces, put in sauce and braised in a pressure cooker for 20 minutes.can.
4, three typical casserole production: three fresh casserole characteristics: This dish can be added according to the different needs of the secret base, making spicy or slightly spicy flavors, can achieve the effect of clear mouth, fullness.

Ingredients: 1 quail egg, 5 grams of ham, 1 fish ball and pork ball, 1 rape, 10 grams of rotten soybeans in Yulin, 6 grams of fresh mushrooms, 8 grams of kelp, 10 grams of chives, and 200 pieces of fresh potato noodlesGrams (available in the market, dried potato flour needs to be used after hair).

Seasoning: 8 grams each of salt and MSG, 5 grams of chicken powder, 4 grams of pepper powder, 400 grams of pork bone soup, and 5 grams of shallot oil.