[How long does it take to steam crabs in a microwave oven?

I believe that people usually pay more attention to making various kinds of food in the oven, because the food in the oven will be cooked, and the nutritional value is also high, and the taste is also excellent. When the microwave oven is steaming crabs,To control the heat, look at steamed crabs.

Microwave to make crabs. Microwave to make crabs. Ingredients: crabs[preferably meat crabs], ginger (1 small piece), garlic (3,4 cloves), shallots (one segment).

Crab[preferably meat crab], seasoning: salt (appropriate amount), soy sauce (appropriate amount), old wine (appropriate amount), cooking oil (appropriate amount), monosodium glutamate (appropriate amount), Garlic, light green, add soy sauce, old wine, salt, cooking oil, cover and put in the oven for 5 minutes on high heat (pause in the middle and gently stir); 2, use the chopsticks to clamp the crab pieces out of the plate,Sprinkle onion leaves, put a little MSG in the soup and mix well.

Ingredients for home-fried crab crab Ingredients: crab crab Ingredients: spring onion, ginger, cooking wine, vinegar, sugar, soy sauce, salt, broth practice 1, Wash the crab, steam it in the pot for 5 minutes, and remove.

2. Open the crab shell, remove the lungs and gills, and split the crab crab in half from the middle.

3. Cut the shallot into sections, slice ginger, add cooking wine, vinegar, sugar, raw soy sauce and salt into the bowl and mix well for later use.

4. Add oil to the pan. Add 50 g of onion and ginger to stir-fry when hot. Add the crab and stir fry.

5. Pour the prepared juice, add the broth, add to the heat, sauté for 5 minutes, and collect the juice.

Tip 1, steam crabs and fry them first because live crabs are not easy to kill.

The cheeks and lungs must be clean.

2. If it is killed live, you can fry the dried powder and fry it.

3. If there is no stock, you can add water.

4. It is not advisable to drink beer when eating crabs.

Crabs are cold and should not be eaten more.