[Effects of Rock Sugar Sydney Juice]_Benefits_Benefits

Among various beverages, many people like to choose rock candy Sydney juice.

Even adults like rock candy Sydney, children love its flavor, and the effect of rock sugar pear juice is also obvious.

We know that Sydney has the effect of moisturizing the lungs and relieving cough. After being boiled together with rock sugar, the effect of moisturizing the lungs and regenerating Jin is more remarkable.

Especially in the dry season of autumn, it is especially suitable to add rock sugar pear juice.

The pears and rock sugar are boiled together, and the rock sugar pear is even made delicious. It is also a good medicine for cough. The effects and effects of rock sugar pear juice are remarkable.

Raw materials: Polycrystalline rock sugar, polycrystalline rock sugar, not single crystal.

Single crystals are translucent, pure white small square grains, while polycrystalline ones are yellowish blocks with irregular shapes like crystals.

Usually buy sugar is best to choose the kind of yellowish.

Two pears, try to choose the kind of thin and juicy skin.

Method: Pear into small pieces, not too small, otherwise it is easy to stew, wolfberry or red dates, water.

Wash the Chinese wolfberry or red dates. If it is the kind of very large red dates, it is recommended to soak the hair first.

Add the appropriate cold water to the pot, add the right amount of rock sugar when it is boiling, continue heating on low heat, then add the prepared pears, continue to simmer on low heat, turn off the heat for about 20 to 40 minutes, and add wolfberry or red dates halfway, Pour it aside and let it cool down before drinking.

Bingtang pear water (more often called Bingtang Sydney), its sweet and sour taste, non-toxic, Bingtang Sydney not only tastes delicious, beautiful appearance, it is also a very useful dietetic medicinal diet, it has certain effects and effectsIt is also very significant.

Rock sugar is warm, nourishing yin and promoting fluid, nourishes lungs and coughs, has a good therapeutic effect on coughing lungs, no cough due to dry cough, and expectoration and blood.

Widely used in high-end supplements and health products produced in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

Elderly sugar can also relieve dry mouth.

Rock sugar is edible except for diabetic patients.

Runfei cough, dry cough, dry cough without sputum, expectoration and blood are particularly suitable for consumption.

The method is simple and effective, and it is usually given at home for cough.

Taboo people who lose weight should not add more rock sugar pear juice.

Conditioning the body through the diet is the safest way. After learning about who is not suitable to eat rock sugar pear juice, I hope everyone can improve their diet and make timely adjustments so that the body can be healthier.