[Difference between lettuce and green cabbage]_Green cabbage_Ball lettuce_Division

The shape of the original ecology is very similar to cabbage, and varieties and lettuce are one kind.

But it has a round appearance, so it looks cute and has an appetite. You can eat it raw or mix salad.

Green cabbage is a vegetable that can’t be eaten raw, but it can be cooked or used as a very good fruit, so there is a difference between the two.

The basic introduction of lettuce is commonly known as leaf lettuce, which belongs to the genus Asteraceae.

It is an annual or biennial herbaceous crop. It is also a popular vegetable in Europe and the United States. It is loved by people.

Lettuce is native to the European Mediterranean coast and is domesticated from wild species.

Ancient Greeks, Romans first consumed.

The previous history of lettuce is relatively old. The southeast coast, especially the suburbs of large cities, the cultivation of crops in the Guangdong and Guangxi regions, especially in Taiwan is particularly common.

At the top, the cultivated area is rapidly expanding, and lettuce is also entered into the tables of ordinary people by hotels and restaurants.

Round lettuce is a variety of lettuce, also known as heading lettuce. The leaves are clumped into spherical shapes. There are three varieties. One is a creamy lettuce with an obovate leaf, smooth and soft leaves, and slightly wavy leaf edges.The lettuce is round, the leaves are shriveled, porous and crisp, and the leaf edges are jagged, and this variety is more commonly cultivated. There is also a bitter leaf lettuce with thick, long oval leaves, entire leaves, and half-spherical.
Green cabbage is a kind of food that many of us are fascinated with, especially some female friends like to eat some foods. They have a different love for green cabbage. Green cabbage is a very good fruit, most of which have a lot ofMoisture.

It helps us to replenish the vitamin a needed in the body while enjoying the delicious taste.

Good quality cabbage-The leaf ball is dry, tender and shiny, the ball is firm, uniform, not broken, no moss, no mechanical injury, clean sphere, no pests, no rotten leaves, can carry 3?
4 outward green leaves.

Inferior cabbage-the ball is not compact, stale or central water wilting, the outer leaves turn yellow or there are a few insect bites.

Inferior cabbage-leaf balls are cracked or mossy, have mechanical injuries or rotten leaves, have serious diseases and insect pests, and have insect dung.