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Glycyrrhiza uralensis is widely used in people’s daily life because it can be used as both tea and Chinese herbal medicine, and a common drug called licorice tablets is also made from licorice.

However, there are some differences between licorice and licorice tablets. After all, one is a traditional Chinese medicine and the other is a compound medicine.

So let ‘s introduce the difference between licorice and licorice tablets.

Compound licorice tablets and licorice tablets can be used as cough medicine, and both are made of licorice. So, what is the difference between compound licorice tablets and licorice tablets?

The ingredients of licorice tablets are licorice. Compound licorice has other ingredients besides licorice. Its components are: licorice extract powder (medium powder), opium powder or poppy fruit extract powder, camphor, star anise oil, benzeneSodium formate (medium powder).

Compound licorice tablets are compound preparations. The active ingredient in the compound licorice tablets that acts as an antitussive is opioids, because opioids can suppress the cough reflex center.

In addition, licorice flow extract is a protective antitussive and expectorant; opioid powder has an antitussive effect; camphor and star anise oil can stimulate bronchial mucosa, reflectively increase glandular secretion, reduce sputum, and make sputum easy to cough.; Sodium benzoate is a preservative, the above ingredients make up a compound preparation, which has a synergistic effect of antitussive and expectorant.

Glycyrrhiza licorice is flat and sweet. It is a traditional Chinese medicine that replenishes qi and spleen. In Chinese medicine, licorice has many functions. In addition to qi and spleen, it has the functions of clearing heat and detoxifying, and purifying phlegm.

Licorice can relieve urgency, and can also reconcile various medicines.

The use of licorice when treating abdominal cramps and pain can relieve or alleviate pain.

Adding licorice when sweating with ephedra can remove the dryness of aconite.

Use rhubarb, gardenia, and add licorice when the second is ugly.

In addition, licorice also has good lung moisturizing, cough and expectorant functions.

The above is what is the difference between the compound licorice tablets and licorice tablets. For more information, please refer to the related materials.

It is recommended that those in need take it under the guidance of a doctor and use it rationally.